Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

So I know Mother's Day was on Sunday and all...and I know that I am not a mother, but I would like to express my thanks to all of those mother's out there that actually care about their kids and know how blessed they are to have some of their own!!!
I have a wonderful mom who has been nothing but an example of an unselfish human being. She has gone through so much in her life and has sacrificed so many things just to make sure that her girls were taken care of. I hope that one day I will be able to follow in her footsteps and be an example to my children the way she has been for me. I really dont think any expression of gratitude to her would be able to fully express how much I appreciate all of the things that she has done for me...I love ya mom!!!
I also have a mother-in-law who has been a great example to me...she is a very strong person and would do anything for her children. I am very lucky to have a mother-in-law that I can get a long with!!! I have such great examples of women in my life and Dryw and I are both so very blessed to be a part of these families.
I also have to give some appreciation to my sister Amber...especially since the only thing she ever wanted when she got older was dogs!!! She got her wish and has 2 of those...but she also suprised me when she said she wanted a baby. At first I was skeptical, but she is such an amazing mother and another great example to me. She has managed to raise such a smart little boy and I can't wait until I am able to give him a cousin!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spell Check...and fun...

Dryw says that I have some grammatical errors in some of the posts...I told him that I really dont care and I am too lazy to go back and fix them all...so if you see an error, please excuse it--im sure y'all are smart enough to know what I mean!!! lol... He also says that I say "so fun" a lot...oh well!! I think everything we do is so much fun!! I cant help it!!!
Thats all I have for now!! I am pretty much caught up with out posts...I have 1 more post to do, but for now I am going to go spend some time with my husband!! (Like you guys care right?? lol)

Sporting events...

Dryw and I both like to stay very active...especially in sports...He grew up playing soccer and I grew up playing softball...so far this year we have been blessed with the opportunities to go see our favorite sports in person played by some of our favorite teams. I was given a chance to chose tickets to a Galaxy game...we had four games to pick from and we had to rank the one we wanted to see first to last...luckily we got to see the game we wanted!! They were general admission seats, so it was a first come first serve basis, and they are right behind the goal...I thought they were pretty good seats because we could still see everything that was going on. We sat right next to the "fan" area...and those people are crazy!!! They had drums, streamers, their faces were painted, they had hats and scarves, they even sang songs!! They did it the entire game...talk about die hard!!! We both had a great time...the Galaxy played the New York Red Bulls and they won by 1!!! It was actually off of a penalty shot that was taken right in front of us...super cool!!!
We also have been able to go to 2 Angel games this year...so much fun!!! The fans there get pretty crazy too...We had pretty good seats each time and we were able to see everything at these games as well. So much fun!!!

We were really close to the field here and saw some pretty cools saves by the goalie and some pretty amazing kicks--they can curve the ball so much!! its crazy!! Dryw loved it...
Here another picture of the goalie...I have my own goalie at home!! Dryw is an amazing goalie...he cant wait until he is able to start playing again.

Here are the Angels on their way in to the dug out. I believe they lost this game, but it was still a ton of fun!

One of the Angel players was almost ejected, but we couldnt figure out why. All of a sudden he was batting and then he was getting ejected! So there was a pretty good argument behind the plate...but the batter ended up staying!! (I cant remember who it was)

Here we are...Dryw is sporting his red to show his Angel pride!! We got to go on the night they were giving out Angel fleece blankets...they are pretty warm!! I take mine to work every day cause I sit right under the vent and I freeze!! So my Angel blanket keeps me warm!! lol...


This year was our first Easter as a married couple!! So much fun!! We had Youth Conference the same weekend so Easter was pretty crazy!!! We were both so tired the day before and I knew that I wasnt going to want to go to the store the day before Easter...luckily for me I was smart and went shopping before I left!!!
Dryw had no idea that I had gotten him a basket...and it wasnt easier trying to hide it from him. I had to keep everything in my car in the garage so he wouldnt find it!! That morning I woke up earlier and made him blueberry muffins and as soon as he got in the shower I put together his Easter basket. He was so surprised when he got out of the shower...and he was pretty excited!!! He felt so bad cause he didnt get me anything but I told him he didnt have to...I was so excited that I got him something though...he is pretty on top of surprising me, but I won this time!! lol...

This was right after we got home from church...we had our Easter colors on!! lol...We kind of matched, and I swear we didnt do it on purpose!!

This is Dryw with his Easter basket pretending to eat his nerds...because he is allergic to chocolate and nuts I had to find candy that didnt contain either...but I think I did a pretty good job!

I found soccer balls that were supposed to be like the plastic eggs that open so you can put candy inside...so I bought some skittles and filled each soccer ball up...he loved them!!!

Here is his basket...I thought I did a pretty good job, and I didnt spend a fortune on it either!! He ate it all pretty quickly!!! lol!!!

Here is my sweet husband, looking as handsome as ever, with his Easter basket. It was such a great day!!! We went to church and were spiritually fed and then we got to spend time with each other...couldn't ask for anything more!!!

Youth Conference 2009!!!

Dryw and I both have callings in the Young Men/Young Women programs...and we both love it!!! In April we got the chance to go with the youth, as their leaders, to youth conference. Being that I was not a member when I was this age, I was so excited to go and see what they would get to do. I took Friday off work and we drove out Thursday night to a YMCA camp down in Julian...the drive was so pretty!!! We went through the cutest little towns and I loved it!!!!
When we arrived it was pretty dark but we made it in time before they stopped serving dinner (we were so hungry!!). After we ate they showed us where we were staying...I was in the girls cabin and he was in the boys cabin (for obvious reasons)...it was pretty cool because they mixed all the kids up in the cabins so that they could get to know other kids from different wards. Luckily I was in the cabin with some of the girls from my ward.
After we found our cabins we went up to the lodge with everyone and they had all the youth broken up into "families" and they performed skits...they were super funny!!! Then we turned in for the night!!! The next morning was breakfast and then the youth had a bunch of different activities to do before they got their free time, so Dryw and I followed one of the groups around and heard from some pretty cool leaders...Dryw and I even got the chance to address the youth from our ward...it was a pretty amazing experience. Then it was free time!!! So fun...they had a rick climbing wall, archery, kayaking, a game called "Ga-Ga"...so fun!! (I actually dominated both the girls and the boys in one round...so much fun!!) Kind of ironic...as soon as the free time started, it started to hail!! The pour rain...so Dryw and I decided to go do archery in the rain...we had so much fun!! We are both pretty good shots!! Here are some pics...I didnt get pictures of everything...but I got some fun ones!

Here we are on Saturday morning getting ready to leave. It was Easter weekend so we needed to get them home to spend time with their families. This is our ward...we have some pretty amazing youth!!!

This was Friday night...they were doing a dance for the "music number" at the Fireside that night...I actually learned it and joined in. It was pretty funny...we learned the dance to Hannah Montana's Hoe Down...funny!!! Im in there somewhere...lol

here is Dryw getting ready to release the arrow...he looks so pro!!! He did a great job!!

Here I am...not as pro, but it was still fun! It was so cold I had to wear my old snowboarding jacket!!! But it kept me warm and dry!!

Here I am (in the green) with a few of my girls playing a big game with all of the youth...we never did learn the object of the game, but we were saved when it started to hail...so we went and did other things.
We had a great time...I think the funniest part was when one of my girls and I went to get water in the cafeteria Friday night and some boys from one of the other wards was in there and hit on me before they realized I was a leader...They didnt believe me at first but then Dryw approached them the next morning and said, "So I hear you were hitting on my wife last night..." It was funny and my girls think that was the best part of the whole trip. (they love Dryw...) So much fun! :)

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Ok...It has been over 2 months since my birthday, but I am still trying to catch y'all up on what we have been up to. So I turned 26 on March 3rd...pretty exciting!! lol... I had to work that day...I wanted to go to Disneyland because I would have gotten in for free, but Dryw was still on crutches and I didn't think it would be much fun without him!!!
Work was good, but it got even better when my wonderful husband surprised me with flowers at work. He went and picked them out (on crutches and everything) and brought them to me!! So sweet...they were the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen and they lasted so long!!!! (The secret was to mix 7up or sprite with the water and flower food). Everyone at work kept walking by my desk just to smell my flowers!! So cute!!!
Just a side note, my birthday fell on a Tuesday and Amber and I usually celebrate our birthday together (being that we are twins and all) so Monday night Dryw took me out to all you can eat Sushi...so amazing!! He likes only a few things like the crunch roll but I like it all...he is so good to me...he sacrificed his hunger that night to take me to eat one of my favorite things!!!
Back to Tuesday...I got home from work and Dryw had my gift waiting...a huge box!! What the heck--I was kind of upset because I didn't want him to spend a bunch of money on me...but it was an awesome gift...you will have to see below to find out what it was!! :) After I got home from work we went and got pizza with the family and our friends Kim and Tim and their son Johnny...then we went bowling!!! So much fun...too bad Dryw was still on crutches, but he got to throw a few...it was super cute watching him hop over to the lane to bowl. lol...

Here are my beautiful flowers on my desk at work right after I got them...pretty huh??!!!

Here is my little cubicle...you can see my flowers in the background. Everyone at work gets a banner when it is their birthday...I love it!!

Here I am opening my big box...he wrapped it himself-and he did a great job!!!

Here I am with my gift...a gift certificate to get an hour and a half massage!!! So amazing...it was the best present ever!!! I told you guys before how good he is at listening to me...and he proved me right once again!! He is so good!!
Here is Dryw with Jasper at the bowling alley...Jasper totally looks like he is picking his Uncle's nose...they are both way too cute!!!

Here is Dryw with Johnny...that kid is hilarious!!! He has the cutest smile...he loved Dryw!!

Here I am in action...it was not one of my best attempts at bowling...but we all had fun!!!

Here is Amber...I cant even find the words to say about this picture except, "that's just Amber!" Gotta love her...

Here is my amazing mother...she is so tiny...can you believe that she had 2 girls at the same time?? And now we both tower over her!!! So funny...

Here are my two best friends...my sisters are so funny...they took my camera and took a picture of themselves with funny faces. Aren't they beautiful?? I don't know what I would do without them!!!

The Birthday Girls!!!!! We took so many pictures trying to find the best one...we didn't want our smiles to be super cheesy, but we didn't want them to be too fake...we found the best one was our ear to ear grins...my mom loves when we smile like this!

The four musketeers!!! (if there is such a thing!! Lol) Kim, Amber, Nich, and Steph...Kim is pretty much adopted...we have known each other forever!!!

Here is Uncle Dryw with little Jasper...Dryw can't wait to have one of his own...he will make such a great dad!!! (and a good looking one at that! hehe)

I think this was a few days after my birthday...and look how much they opened up!!! So pretty...seriously, they lasted forever!! I think it was almost 3 weeks before I had to throw them out. The water never got dirty or brown...it was pretty amazing!!!

I had a wonderful birthday...I have such a great husband and family...I am so happy in life right now!! I cant wait for the years to come!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Valentines Day!!!!

Since Valentines Day was only 4 days after Dryw's surgery I figured I would make him a nice dinner and let him rest in bed...he had different plans. He wanted to go to...can you guess where??...Yes, In 'N' Out. In 'N' Out has played a very large part in our relationship and happens to be his favorite place to eat. So all day I baked cookies for him and made him a card with a little poem (no you cant read it) and then we got ready and went to In 'n' Out. I didnt get any picutres of while we were there (I mean too...but I always forget I have the camera in my purse!) So here are some pictures from our Valentines Day adventure...

This was right before we went to dinner...that way you couldnt see the In 'N' Out gut after!! lol

This was one of my gifts...super nice mirror for our bedroom wall!! I kept telling him we needed to decorate our room some more and a mirror would look so nice!!! So he got me one!!

This is Dryw after we ate...ironically I got him a gift card to In 'N' Out...what else would I get him?? lol

Here I am holding my last gift...my favorite candy in the world!! Too bad Dryw is alergic to chocolate and nuts...he is missing out!!!!

I got Dryw the Iron Gym for his large gift...he really wanted it and I found it at Target so I got it...he uses it every day!!! He was pretty excited when he opened it.

This is Dryw's knee...still really fat!!! (remember it was only 4 days after the surgery) They marked his knee with "yes" so they knew which one!!! We scrubbed his knee as hard as we could without it hurting and this marked stayed on for weeks!!! You can still see the stiches hanging out...he had 4 marks.

These are also part of my gifts to him...I worked so hard all day to make them... He loves surgar cookies!!!

These are also part of my gifts...my first pair of flats!!! Woo Hoo!!! I wanted a pair so bad cause I wore heals every day to work and then to church so my feet were killing me!!! I have to get up somany times at work and walk around like crazy-including across the street to one of our conference rooms...so I told him I thought flats would be so much easier...and he listened!! What a good guy!! I also saw a pair of sandals that were really sparkly and cute and he noticed I liked them so he got me sme that were similar...he treats me so good!!!

I told him he didnt have to get me flowers cause I knew he couldnt drive to go get them...but he snuck out anyway and got them for me...my favorite color!!!

And here is my studdly husband rocking his crutches...he couldnt be any cuter if he tried!!
All in all we had a great day...and it turned out to be one of the best Valentines Day's ever!!!

Under the Knife!!!

So I am contuining on the journey of updating our blog...

Dryw had ACL Reconstructive surgery on February 10, 2009. How did he tear his ACL you ask??...well for those of you who dont already know, Dryw decided it would be a good idea to get on his buddy's dirt bike the day before our wedding and pop up on a wheeling going down a resedential street in nothing but boardshorts and sandals... What do you think happened?? Yep--he wasnt used to the power band on the 250 dirtbikes because he rides a 450 and once it hit the power dand the bike went out from underneath him and he went sliding down the street with no shirt on and tweaked his knee right when he hit the ground...Lets just say he was in a lot of pain the day of the wedding and 4 months later we finally found out he had torn his ACL. (I wont ever let him live it down--and I give him no pity! lol)

Anyway...the day of the surgery was soooo long!! We woke up early and had to be at the hospital by 10:00 am...his surgery was at 1!!! They finally came in and wheeled him into the surgery room. It was supposed to only last an hour and a half...but lasted for almost 3!!! He was in the recovery room for a while because he has trouble coming out of the anastesia and no one was allowed back there...not even me or his mom!!! It was tough sitting there not knowing if he was ok...but finally they took him up to his room and we waited till he could keep food down and go to the bathroom so we could leave...it was pretty quick after he got back to his room...except he did keep falling back to sleep.

What was pretty funny...but I felt so bad...was that the nurse wheeling him out was pretty old and Dryw kept getting nauseous in the wheel chair on the way down so she kept having to stop so he could refrain from throwing up!! Finally outside and on our way home we had to do the same thing...stop because he felt like he was going to throw up...but he made it and he was a trooper.

A few weeks late we had to go back for the post op and his knee was still pretty fat, so the doctor had to drain it with a huge needle!! I had no idea he was gonna do it and I was in the room...I thought it was going to be worse than it was, but the needle was pretty huge!!! Here are some pics from the draining...(Dont look if you get queasy!!) Oh and I didnt take pictures the day of the surgery and now I totally regret it...oh well...enjoy these!!

This is Dryw right after the doctor drained his knee...he has a band aid where the whole was...it was pretty big!!!

Here is the dixie cup full of blood thagt the doctor filled...next to it is the needle he used...crazy!!!!

This is me after I saw how ig the needle really was...blood doesnt really make me queasy.