Monday, April 20, 2009

Great News!!!

Most everyone knows that Dryw has been working very hard to get into the fire service for LA County Fire Department. It has been such a crazy process!!! He passed his physical test last summer and we were so excited because that meant we could apply for the departments. We applied to LA County and we heard back pretty quick. He had a scheduled written exam...which he passed...and then he received mail about an oral interview for the was so crazy!! I only say it is crazy because it is a lottery...they basically put names in a hat and draw them out to decide who is going to take part in the interview. (and there is about 15,000 names in that hat) Well it was a grueling process...he studied so hard and had some great help along the way....and we finally recieved news that he passed his oral interview....with a 100%!!!!!! So awesome!!!!! What that means now is that he is basically put into the first bracket for the academy and all we are waiting on now is his background packet so we can fill it out and turn it in and then he will recieve his academy start date. If everything goes well then he should be in the academy by the end of the year beginning of next year. So 6 months after he starts the academy he will be done and he will be a firefighter!!!!!

I was so excited for him when we found out about him passing the oral I made him a cake!!! It wasnt very pretty...but I put some hard work into it!!!


So every year since Dryw and I have been together we have gone to Supercross. The first year he asked me if I wanted to go with him...which I guess is a BIG deal because for anyone who knows Dryw...he just doesnt bring sand to the beach. (Love you honey!) So last Christmas I decided since he took me then I should take him, so I bought him a ticket. And then this year one of my gifts were two tickets to supercross...and it was a tough decision, but I chose to take my hubby with me!! j/k I knew they were for both of us.

So we got to Supercross pretty early so we could walk around in the pits before the race and watch practice and qualifying...and it just so happens that the race happened to be when it was raining non-stop. I was kind of bummed but knew it would make for a good race because there were bound to be tons of gnarly crashes. We walked around in the pits for a while and tried to stay dry...we saw some pretty cool racers and then we saw...Carrie Hart...Dryw makes fun of him left and right, but I thought it was pretty funny because I saw him first and pointed him out and Dryw swore it wasnt him...but we got up close enough to see him, and of course, I was right!! Just so everyone knows...Dryw pretty much knew all of the other motocross racers there and pointed them all out to I guess he kind of wins. It is actually kind of funny because we would be walking and all of a sudden Dryw would be like "Whats up___" and totally call them by name and stop to talk with some of the old school racers like he knew them...I was pretty impressed.

Oh and just a little side note...we got tickets for like $10 for the last Supercross race in Anaheim and I was so exctied because the last one got rained on and I figured this one wouldnt. So we bought three ticketes and were going to take Dryws dad...when the night before I got toally sick with the flu and threw up so much that my entire body needless to say, I missed out!!! Its ok though, it rained again and the boys were able to hang out and have fun. So here are some pics from this year's races...

This is Mike Alessi...the wholeshot king!! This kid has so much money because he is sooo good at making it out of the gate and across the wholeshot line first. He does it at about every race!! Crazy!!

Here is a pic of the track.

And of course you have to get a picture with us both in was so much fun!

And....we are back!!!!

It has been forever since we posted I decided to take charge and update our blog!! Dryw hates when I sit down at the computer...he always says "babe...arent you gonna come hang out with me? You have been at work all day and I havent seen you..." So I blame the fact that our blog is not up to date on my loving husband!!! Its actually quite funny because it was his idea that we start a blog in the first place!!! He hates MySpace and Facebook so when he suggested a blog I jumped all over it!!

So the last time I posted something it was from Christmas. I am going to try and do an update on what we have done since December...Hope you enjoy!!!