Friday, August 19, 2011


So here is the first "official" pregnancy picture...I feel HUGE!!! I am 16 1/2 weeks along here. (Remember there is 2 in there...dont judge!) Plus I had just belly seems to get a whole lot bigger right after I eat! I am glad that I am starting to actually look more round, it is helping to justify that I no longer fit into any of my pants!!! (so sad!!)

I swore I was going to take a picture every week from week 1 of pregnancy, but between being so nauseous the first several weeks, working full time, and trying to be a wife, the plan didnt really work out that way. I hope I can get better at taking more frequent pictures. I would like to see the progression...but I am SO scared because I know I am going to get HUGE with twins!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And we go from 2 to 4....

This year has been really trying for Dryw and I in more ways than one. We have really learned a lot about each other and about the plan that Heavenly Father has for us. We are starting to see a silver lining in the near future and hope that we can stay worthy of the many blessings Heavenly Father has in store for us.

One of the biggest blessings (or maybe I should say two) is that Dryw and I will be expecting our first AND second babies this January!!! Yes, we are expecting TWINS!!!!!! I am SO excited! Dryw is over the moon--he couldnt be happier!! I am almost 17 weeks, and yes I do have a bump (that picture will have to be in the next post-not sure what happened to the one we had??) Yesterday we found out the gender...we are expecting 2 boys!! Oh wow, I have my hands full...I am officially out numbered!! Dryw is already making plans: soccer players, future missionaires, etc. He is so excited! Now we just have to decide on names...let the name war begin!!!

Here are some ultrasound pics to tide you over...if you have never seen one with twins its kind of crazy!!! They are too big now to get their full bodies together in 1 shot, so we got just their heads. So fun!!!

The next project....turning our office/2nd bedroom into a nursery. Oh man, my OCD is going to be hard to handle...poor Dryw!!!

Their heads together.

Baby B (that is his name until we can pick one). He is facing towards us, very alien looking, but still so darn cute!! Let me tell you, I think this one is going to be our problem child. He was not shy about showing us his stuff, we could tell right away he was a boy. He was letting it all hang out...just like his dad...we are in so much trouble!!!

Baby A is going to be my sweet one I think. He was very shy and reserved. We had to coax him into showing us his goods!! Poor little guy!! I cant wait to see how their personalities match what we see in the ultrasounds!!

We couldnt be more excited. We can't wait until they are here and we can just hold them. We are so lucky to be blessed with such sweet spirits! Any guesses on how many trips to the E.R. we are going to make?? After all, they are Dryw's sons....