Monday, February 22, 2010

Pennsylvania Trip!!!

Dryw servced his mission in Pennsylvania and he has been talking about going back ever since he got home...well with our busy schedules we werent sure if it was ever going to happen--but it did!! We both took a week of vacation off in October and took a trip to Pennsylvania. I have never been to the East Coast before so I was super excited...and we planned to do as much as we could since we werent sure when we would get back that way again. And when I say we tried to do everything...we literally did everything. We needed a vacation from our vacation when we got home!! LOL

We took a red eye from John Wayne and flew into Philidelphia. We got there super early in the morning and Dryw tried to prepare me for the cold (mind you it had just rained and was sprinkling when we finally got our bags from the baggage claim) and as soon as the doors opened to go outside the cold hit me and went straight through my clothes all the way to my bones--totally different than the California cold im used to! I was super bundled up too!!! Dryw was in Shorts and a T-shirt and just laughed at the face I made when the cold hit me...what a punk!

We rented a car and decided to takes all the historic sites in while we were in Philly, and of course we had to get a Philly good!!! After Philly we drove to our destination (and I wont even tell you what city we were in because I would probably get it wrong, I think it was Hanover?) we settled in with the Milam family--one of the coolest families ever!! It was fun listening to the stories they had to tell about Dryw and it was sweet watching him get all emotional and excited everytime he saw something that reminded him of a story.

We visited as many people as we could while we were in PA but we also visited Gettysburg--I cant even begin to tell you how amazing that experience was. We took so many pictures I think I would overload the blog if I posted all of them. The feeling that you have when you are walking/driving through there is a undescribable. I loved every minute of it. Lucky for us it only rained a very small amount while we were there and the rest of the time the weather was beautiful!!

We also visited Hershey awesome!! As soon as you drive into the city it smells like Chocolate--I LOVED it!! Dryw of course had a hard time because he is allergic to chocolate...what a trooper!! That was a fun experience as well.

We also visited Dryw's sister, Kathryn, in Washington DC...also an amazing experience being able to see all of the government buildings and the memorials...I suggest everyone to try and make it to DC one day. Kathryn works in the Capital so she gave us a private tour--she did a great job!! We also were able to go to the White House--funny story about this...we were late getting to our scheduled time because our GPS kept cutting in and out so Dryw was freaking out thinking they wouldnt let us in and I was trying to be the calm and reassuring wife so we get there about 30 mins late and we walk up to security (i.e. Secrect Service) and tell them what happened and they were very cool about it so they let us in with the next group. While standing in line in the White House lobby (I guess you would call it that), one of the Secret Service men came up and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are in the right place at the right time. President Obama is leaving t go to Boston and you get to see him off." We were like no way--but they led us out onto the drive way right in front of the White House and his helicopter landed right there in front of us, he came walking out, and they took off!! So crazy...we were so close to the President of the United States...I dont think we will ever be that close to a President of the United States again. If we would have been on time we never would have been able to experience once again the wife is always right!! :) Also kind of funny--as we were walking around the monuments that night President Obama came flying back in and we watched the helicopter land, but this time from a distance. It is true that they have 3 helicopters flying around to try and distract any enemies from the real one...crazy!!!

We were also able to go to the Washington DC Temple and with one of the stakes that Dryw served in. What a beautiful temple...and an amazing experience.

Lastly while on our trip we were able to drive to New York and we spent a day there taking in as much as we could. As soon as we figured out the Subway and we got a Map we were in good shape. That city is huge and has so much going on...its ridiculous!! We were not able to get over to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, but that is our excuse to go back now.

I know I am probablym missing a ton of other things we did--but we did so much driving and site seeing I cant even begin to tell you how amazing it was. I enjoyed every minute of it and it was even better watching Dryw's reactions. I suggest that everyone try to go back and visit the East Coast--you will LOVE it!! Awesome Rental Car

Isnt this beautiful?

One of the apartments that Dryw stayed in while on his mission. This was in Gettysberg and was also a civil war cool!

This was very neat litte diner we ate at with Cory, who had converted right before Dryw was in the area, but Dryw was able to teach him the New Member lessons and they still talk to this day!

View in Gettysberg

We had to uset the tri-pod for this one...not too bad...

Dryw has a picture here as a missionary so we had to take another one.

So much history here it was amazing to see what I had learned in school with my own eyes. It really puts things into perspective

Hershey!!! The street lights are Kisses!!!

You know it!!

We were on the ride that takes you through a similation of the chocolate factory

Its a pillow of my favorite candy--Dryw said I couldnt have it though! :(

Dryw is eating the only thing that wasnt chocolate...a frsoted sugar cookie. What a great background as he takes his first bite! LOL

This is in Central Park. I thought it would be funny for him to wear my coat because almost evert guy we saw there had a similar coat on (duh...your in New York...that fashion capital). I thought he looked cute but he hates looking like a prety boy!

Middle of central park

The monument for the firefighters who died in 911...very humbling

The New York crazy how it is right in the middle of a very busy city. If you werent looking for it you would walk right past it!! the subway--

This was in another are where Dryw served and he would ride his bike down this street...we wanted to try and get as many of the tree colors that we could...There were so many tree colors everywhere you looked. You just dont get that in Ca!

Oh I knew I would forget something...the Amish!!! We Were in Lancaster, PA. and we saw so many of crazy that people live like this. Another humbling experience.

Dryw was very excited as we visited another one of his apartments

This was pretty cool. The city of Johnstown sits in a valley and they have had several major floods that have killed tons of people so they built this inclined plane that uses a pulley system to carry people to the top of the valley. It was a good idea, however they didnt realize that if it flooded, the electricity would go out and people would die anyway...and it tooks such a long time to get from the bottom to the top that there was no way they could save everyone at once. Now people use it to get from their homes at the top of the valley to work at the bottom. Gnarly...

The view from the top

When in DC we took the underground tram from the building that Kathryn works in to the Capital...I felt so important it was awesome!!!

The capital (and my Hot Chocolate!)

Kathryn and Dryw in front of the Washington Monument

The Lincoln Monument

Outside of the D.C. Temple

And finally, the only day it rained while we were in D.C. but it was till very beautiful
I may have some typos in here...sorry!! There was just so much information and so much to say and I really am too lazy to go back and proof sure you forgive me!! :)

Once Again...

I am way behind in posts!! I just can't seem to stay up to date!! Since my last posting we have done so many fun things!!!! I am going to try and remember everything and get it all up to date...I said try--at least I am doing that!! LOL Please stay tuned....