Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sad Day

Most people know that I am a total animal lover...I especially love cats! I have had my cat, Venus, for 13 years (since I was 13)...and I always thought that she would just live forever--unfortunately that was not the case.

When Dryw and I got married I had to leave Venus with my mom because Dryw is allergic to pretty much every animal...and I was so sad!! She has always slept with me...right above my head, so I felt so bad when I had to leave her!

About a month ago my mom called me and told me Venus wasnt doing well...she hadnt been eating or drinking. So I figured she was just sad and she wanted to see me. I went over there and tried feeding her all of her favorite foods, but she wanted nothing to do with them...she just wanted to be held and loved. I knew something was wrong so I called the vet and took her in to be seen...after the blood and urine samples it turned out that she had Luekemia and it had started attacking her liver. Her body was basically shutting down on her and the only thing we would have been able to do is just to give her daily injections to only prolong her life--but she was dying of the disease and even the doctor couldnt tell me how long we could prolong it for. So after much thought and tons of tears I decided I had to put her to sleep. It wasnt fair for me to keep her around just because I didnt want to put her my sister, Amber, went with me and I decided to stay in the room when they gave her the shot. It was very sad, but I am glad I was there when they did it...I was with her right after she was born and I was with her up until the very last breath.

So I decided to post some of the last pictures I took with her...she always reminded me of a black panther...she was a gorgeous cat!! I have older pictures but that was before digital cameras. I miss her tons...but I know she is in a much better place!