Thursday, September 10, 2009

Has It Been One Year Already????

I can't believe that we have been married for 1 year already....time went by so fast!!! I have come to realize that even though we can be a pain in each other's necks, that I am very privaleged to be married to someone that I know loves me! It is questionable sometimes...and im sure he thinks that same about me...but all in all we have had a very wonderful first year of marriage. It has come with its fair share of struggles in all categories, and I am not going to tell you some made up story just to make us look good...but it truly has been a privalege and a joy to have a temple marriage and to be married to a worthy priesthood holder. We have both been blessed because of our struggles and we have a very strong bond that I know not many people have.

To celebrate our first year of marriage Dryw decided to plan everything himself and from now on he is going to plan all of the odd years and I get to plan the even!! I loved that he put a lot of thought into the celebration.

His Aunt has a Condo in Oceanside, and I have never been, so Saturday morning he called me from work and finally decided to tell me what we were going to do so I could pack. The very first thing we did is we went straight to the San Diego Temple. We had both been there before, but the only time I was there I was only able to sit in the waiting this time we were both very excited to attend a was very special. We both agreed on how beautiful the temple was and how it would have been our second choice to get married in if LA hadn't worked out.

After the session we went to dinner at the California Pizza kitchen...we were both very hungry and the food was awesome. We ate a ton, whch was good because Sunday was Fast Sunday!! We slept in on Sunday morning and went to the local church bulding for Sacrament at 11. There were a ton of people there...and we saw so many cute kids!!!!! After church we went back to the Condo and watched movies and took a nap. We did a lot of sleeping...and it was nice because we dont get to do a lot of that now!! Sunday was our actual anniversary so I made dinner and we ate it outside on a picnic bench. The weather was so nice!!! After dinner we rode our beach cruisers down to the beach to catch the sunset and walk on the peer.

Here is the sunset...people were still in the water cause it was so warm!!!

And here we are...beach weather and my hair dont really mix well...but Dryw looked good!! lol...

Monday was Labor Day (I think we chose the right weekend to get married because we will always have 3 days to celebrate it!). We got up early and went to breakfast. We were given free tickets to the San Diego Zoo and had planned on going, but we wanted to go to the beach for a little while. So after breakfast we went back to the condo and rode our bikes back down to the beach so we didnt have to find parking. We were there for a little while...Dryw taught me how to correctly body surf--it was a lot of fun!!! We laid out for a while and played soccer on the beach and decided we needed to head back so we could get to the zoo. When we got to the condo we were so hot from riding the bikes that we jumped into the pool and ended up hanging out there for a while. We decided that we didnt want to go to the zoo and fight massive crowds and be rushed for we cleaned up and went to In 'N' Out for lunch and headed over to the Carlsbad outlets. After the outlets we decided we should go back and clean up so we could head out of town before traffic got bad. After packing up the truck Dryw asked if I wanted to get sushi for dinner...he has found this all you can eat place for $21.99 each and thought I would enjoy it. I LOVE sushi...but poor Dryw only likes the crunch rolls. He said he really wanted to do it so I agreed and we went for Sushi!!! It was amazing!!!! The fish was so fresh and the place was so nice!!!! We ate a ton of food. Dryw even tried some of the rolls I get...he didnt like any of them, but he made sure to eat his fair share of the Crunch rolls!!!! We wanted to make sure we got our moneys worth out of the food...and I think we did!!!

Here we are standing in front of the condo as we were getting ready to leave

Me and my portion of the sushi....

Dryw getting ready to chow down...he looks scared, but he loved it!!!

We ate so much food!!! We were so stuffed...poor Dryw had to eat a lot of my rice so I could eat the fish because if you didnt finish everything they would charge you full price!! he was hurting the whole ride home!!! lol...

It was a very special first anniversary. We relaxed together and we didnt have to spend a lot of money to know how much we love each other. Plus saving for a house doesnt exaclty give much spending room!!! We had a ton of fun...thank you Honey!!!!!

Road Trip!!!!!

I hope everyone is ready for picture overload...and these are just the highlights!!!!

So I have family in Oregon and due to schedule restrcitions with the rest of my family, Dryw and I made a trip up to Oregon to visit my family alone. At first we were both kid of sad, but then we thought about how this was a great opportunity to take a road trip up the coast of California, stop in San Francisco on they way since we both had never been, and finish it off with the visit in Oregon. We also took this oppotrunity to stop at as many Temples as we could our entire was awesome!!! So here are some of the many pictures we took...

Here is one of the very first pictures we took while on our way up the coast. It was pretty early in the morning and it was kind of drizzly...but it was so pretty!!!

We used the car as our camera stabilizer...dont you just love timers!!!! This was a huge cliff that we sat on the end of and looked out over the water--pretty amazing!!

We stopped a few times on the way up to San Francisco and got to see some very cute towns like nice, but very expensive!!! Maybe some day we can retire there!! lol...


I am sure you have all heard of the famous Lombard street in San is super windy and has super sharp turns...well Dryw and I decided we wanted to work off our Italian dinner from a cute little restaurant in "Little Italy," so we walked all the way up Lombard street!! It was so much fun...we later drove down it so we could get both affects!

This is one side of Ghirardelli Square...and for those of you who don't know what Ghirardelli is, well it's pretty much the most amazing chocolate ever!!
Our hotel was pretty close to Fisherman's Wharf so we were able to walk everywhere we wanted. We were going to try and ride a trolly but the lines were so long...and we never rode a cbale car but we were pretty amazed at how they worked!!

We had heard so much about these Clamchowder Bread Bowls and we decided we had to get them. We asked a local for the best place to get one...they were pretty awesome!! So good in fact that we had them twice while in San Fransicso (different days).

This was one of the many candy stores down in Fisherman's Wharf...I couldn't make up my mind because everything looked so wonderful!!!

We decided that we wanted ice cream and in the suqare you can go in and order from the Ghirardelli store...Dryw is allergic to Chocolate so he got a scoop of Strawberry Cheescake on a cone and I got a scoop of the Ghirardelli Rocky Road--it was amazing--very expensive but so worth it!!

Here we are enjoying the beautiful sunset down on one of the docks...if you look closely you can see Alcatraz in the background!!

This is a view of the Golden Garte Bridge at night...I had never driven across it before and I was a little nervous doing so, but it was pretty cool once we got across and took this picture.

This is Alcatraz...we decided that we really wanted to go to the Island because we werent sure when we would get another chance to take the tour. The way they had the tour set up was pretty cool. You had your own headset and it told you where to go and where to look and gave you the was awesome. The feeling there is kind of dark...we heard interviews from some of the prisoners on the tour and it was gnarly. I can't imagin what it must have been like!! They even had a lady there that day who had grown up there as one of the officer's daughters. They had living quarters there and they would take a boat into San Francisco for school...pretty crazy!!!

The cells were soooo tiny!! I don't know how they liverd in such confined spots!!!

This is on our way out of San Francisco...this is a very famous picutre spot. That bridge is awesome!!!

We drove through some of the edwoods while on our way up to Oregon and I saw a sign where we could drive through a Redwood tree...we had to do it. You can see Dryw giving a thumbs up as he drove through it. I think you are only supposed to do it once, but we did it a couple was cool!!!

Here is the Sacramento Temple..a little out of order here--we actually stopped by this one and the Fresno Temple on the way beautiful!!! We were also able to go to the Okalnd Temple...but somehow I cant get the picture in here to show you!!!


This was one of the many sunsets we enjoyed while we were there. This is the rive right across the street from where we stayed. It was very low and we could stand all the way out in the middle of it...pretty sad because it was so high when I was a kid that I would have drowned even trying to swim out half way!!!

We went into an Old Historic town by the name of Jacksonville. We took this trolly around the city and learned about the history of it. It was pretty neat...we also drove through the cemetary there. Some of the headstones are so old that they are just leaning against the trees...

We were able to enjoy a sessin at the Medford Oregon was very small but very pretty!! We enjoyed being able to do this while on vacation.

We went fishing twice and the first day we didnt catch anything--I dont even think we had a bite!!! The second day was much better...I kept getting several bites and the next thing I know I was reeling in a fish!!!! I ended up letting him go because I felt bad and he didnt swallow my hook.

I am standing in the middle of the river fishing...

Dryw was upset that he still hadnt caught anything after I caught my fish and then all of a sudden...what do you know!!?? This fish put up such a fight...I laughed so hard when Dryw held him up...he was just a tiny little guy. We had to let him go because he wasn't legal size.

We also went to the wildlife reserve while we were there. They had tons of animals...most of them had been hurt or were pets and they were brough here to be brought back to health or to be protected. Most of the animals they bring in they are able to let go, but the ones at the reserve that we were able to see were permanent residents. Tis is one of the black bears there...he wa so polite, he looked at the camera as I snapped the picture!! lol...

Dryw brought his shotgun on the trip...I didnt think he was going to get to use it, but he lucked out and we were taken up to a spot where he could let lose. I shot it a couple has such a big kick on it though...
We had such a great time on this trip. We were able to spend so much time with each other...time that we dont get to spend otherwise.

Misc. Pics from the summer are a few things we have been up to this summer... We spent our 4th of July with friends and family. First we went swimming and then we went to an Angel Game with our awesome Friends, Dave and Vanessa!!! The Angels won--it was a great game...but the fireworks show was even better!! To top the night off we went and got some amazing mexican food--it only seemed amazing cause we were all starving!!

Some of our other awesome friends...Gary and Kelli...invited us to their cabin on Lake Tahoe (i think thats where it is right below Big Bear)...anyway, we went wakeboarding and it was so much fun!! Dryw is pretty good and Gary and Kelli are awesome!! I am average--I like to focus on not falling as you can tell by my face! Dryw is pretty good at jumping, I could never get a really good pic of it though!!

I mentioned my little brother was here for the summer...Here he is with Justin (brother-in-law). Matthew and Dryw were always at the beach. They would do an early morning workout session and then go to the beach...some if the time they would hit up Knotts Soak City the same day!!...then they both would go to work--crazy!!!

They wanted me to take a picture of them riding together on this bike so badly...they will never admit it but I think they enjoyed that bike ride!! We met Matthew at Knotts one night when I got off work and he had ridden the bike there from our place earlier in the day. As soon as we got there they started goofing around and this was the result...they miss each other so much!! lol...

In need of....

A very kind friend reminded me of how we havent had nay new posts lately...and I figured it was time to try and give you some updates! A lot has been going on with us...we are so busy that it seems like we dont even see eachother!!! Here is a quick run down of everything that has happened lateley: Dryw recieved his hire letter from LA County Fire which means that he successfully passed his background investigation and pending a physical we will get his academy date in the mail. He has already taken the physical so we should hoepfully hear something soon!!

We are both still working like crazy and Dryw has found a new love for mountain bike riding. He rides several times a week. I actually just went with him on Tuesday night to the Fullerton Loop and did a small section of it on a friend's bike (thanks Michelle!!) to see if it is something I want to get in to. I had a ton of fun but some of those hills are gnarly and ot knowing what to expect around corners on a downhill full of ruts is kind of scary--but I loved it!

My little brother was here for most of the summer and we all got Knott's Passes...we had a blast! We were there seriously at least 2 times a was awesome. With our passes we got the Soak City Passes and my mom got one with us as well so its nice to have the time for her and I to go hang out in the water without the boys and without my sister's (no offense) hogging her up. I think Dryw got a feel for what it was like to have a brother because he is the only boy...Since Matthew has gone back home I think they text each other every day...poor guys!!! lol..

Well I have some pretty big blogs to post with some pictures of other things that have been going...enjoy!!