Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally...I think I may have figured it out!

So my sister, Amber, told me that I needed to do a blog...I had no idea what the heck a blog was! I am pretty hi-tech, or at least I like to think so...but it took me forever to figure it out! (Plus not having a computer and internet access made it a lot harder) However, we were very blessed this Christmas and recieved a computer from Dryw's parents (my in-laws). As of today we actually got set up with internet access and cable--we are part of the 21st century now! lol!! Anyway, I am going to try and keep this up to date as much as possible...but I am new at this, so bare with me!!

So this past Christmas (2008) was our first Christmas as a married was awesome! We had a debate on whether we were going to get a real or fake christmas tree. Dryw has allergies and he has always had a fake tree, but growing up I always had a real one. So we decided we were going to go to Home Depot and get a fake tree...well we got there 15 minutes too late and headed back home. On our way home we came across a Christmas tree lot and I gave him my best "awww--please!!" look...and it worked! We bought our very first REAL Christmas tree and made an agreement that we would look into a fake one for years to come (especially since a real tree costs just as much as a fake tree now-a-days! lol). So here are some pictures of us putting up our first Christmas tree in our very first (and really cute) apartment! Enjoy!
So this is me untangling the new lights we bought for the tree (exciting huh? lol)

This is me starting to put the lights on the tree...Dryw thought it would be fun to pretend first, and then he helped me put them on! (Im wearing Dryw's super thick sweat pants cause it was so cold in our apartment!)
Here I am again, sturggling to put the lights on by meself! lol... Dryw likes taking pictures, so that is why you dont see too much of him...yet!! :)

We finally got all of the lights put on the tree and turned them on (it was so pretty-this pic doesnt do it justice!)

Finally...we set the timer so Dryw could jump in the pciture. The lights are still on...but you cant tell too much!

I grabbed the camera so I could get a picture of him too...he is such a nerdA!! But I love him...its easy to see why--he so cute!! (I know-gag!! hehe)

We had a great Christmas and spent it with both of our families. It was very enjoyable! I will hopefully have more for you soon! :)