Friday, July 23, 2010

Fabric Shopping!!!!

Recently the boundary lines were re-drawn in our Stake and our ward became the home to a lot of young couples!!! Dryw and I were very excited because we were one of the few in the Ward up until this point and we couldnt wait to make new friends. Dryw has no problem making friends but I can sometimes be a little shy and a little bit of an introvert at first...but once I get to know people I can be load an obnoxious and a complete goof ball... I am so glad my husband has no fear and made friends quickly!!! I am starting to get to know some of the other girls and they are so much FUN!!!! I have been playing bunco with them once a month which is so much fun, and recently some of us went to the LA Fabric District to look for some quality fabric for less!!!

I have never sewed but always intended to learn and I thought this would be a great way to not only get to know some of the other girls but to also get motivated to learn. I can be crafty but I am so busy and my brain gets so scrambled with every day life on top of ideas that it all seems to mesh together and I cant seem to sort it out!!! So with the help of some of the girls I am going to learn how to sew and I have a feeling that once I get the hang of it that I wont be able to stop...Dryw is a little frightened to see what might happen if I learn...he may NEVER get to spend time with me!!! lol... I just hope all of the ideas I have in my head can come to fruition and that I will be able to master the art--even just a little bit!!!

Here are some pics from the shopping day:

Getting ready to start the shopping adventure...
I dont think LA was prepared for the swarm of LDS women this warm Saturday morning...
With children and goodies in tow we all headed back to the cars to grab some lunch

You can't go to LA and not eat at the original El Cholo' yummy!!!! The Enchilada Suiza is (are) to die for!!!

Some of the fabric I bought...I cannot wait to see how this turns out!!! I have a special project in mind for these pieces and once it is complete I will be sure to publish a post!

I am also excited for these pieces. Again, pictures will be posted when it is completed...
Let's hope I can learn well enough for my projects to turn out half way decent!! (I can't wait for our student/teacher session!!!)


Adam and Stacy said...

I am glad you finally updated your blog. Also, that you are hanging out with the girls that used to be in my ward. Have fun with them!

Michael & Shawna Trimmell said...

Good for you learning to sew! Can't wait to see what you make!